An original Throne for queen, king, wizard, fairy, elf or conference ... very beautiful !
This mesh is 6 prims (PE) for a size = 1.25 x 1.10 x 3.00 m
The mesh may vary prim (Land Impact) depending on the size or thickness of the mesh.
Textures are baked on Blender for realistic aspect (with the grain structure of materials and shadows).
You can tintable mesh or parts of mesh ( 7 different faces = arms, back ground, back seat, front side , legs above, legs below and ....Armorial Bearings on blazon).
I give you Mesh base with colored faces to see them. You can mix textures.
You can also make your own textures (Textures inside are also your templates).
Including the coat of arms. I made everything to make your job easier.

These meshes contain physic, so you can sit on without script.
But you also to put script inside for animation sitting. 

File : Mesh in SL

Price: 680L$